Onion Family Love, Nettle, & Pine

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These make a lovely hostess gift. Beautifully presented in a muslin bag, an unusual and treasured present.

Onion Family Love; the abundance of the onion family starts early in the spring: garlic scapes follow onion grass, onion tops follow spring onions...leek tops, garlic stems, it goes on and on. Onion Family Love brings them all together in one delicious tonic. All local and organic.

Nettle Vinegar; The Queen of herbs. Nettles is a mild vinegar that will go almost anywhere.

Pine Vinegar; Pine trees have a smell that is familiar, and makes me feel safe. I make pine tea, pine oil, pine vinegar, pine elixir, you name it-if I can figure out how to get Pine in it, I will. Pine vinegar is very versatile and goes well anything from cucumber salad to meat sauces. I have used it in regular salad dressing with a strong olive oil. Citrus undertones. Vitamin C

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