The Story

Once upon a time, my grandmother and her brothers had a secret society called The Boggers. They would wander the forests of the northeast corridor looking for orchids and observing the natural world. My mother, a shaman, developed a deep love of the outdoors and passed it down to me. Today, I live in the Hudson Valley, surrounded by a remarkable community of farmers, herbalists, and culinary artists who I draw inspiration from. I started Dancing Spirits Herbs to find a way to help people get local plants into their lives, homes and bodies. My ingredients are extremely important to me; what I can't grow or forage myself, I source locally from a tight-knit community of sustainable farmers. The products you can buy here have been refined over decades of exploration and play with plants. I use all of them on myself, my husband and five children. We look forward to hearing your story of dancing with the herbs. 

~Clare Pierson is an herbalist who lives and works in Sleepy Hollow, NY. She has been studying, practicing, and teaching herbalism for 20 years. She is a kitchen witch who loves sharing her knowledge of  plant medicine with all comers.~

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